MAKE dresses for special occasions with Fairy Hill Crafts


Do you NEED A DRESS OR GOWN - ASK REGINA FOR HELP - phone her on 0868330264.

Fairy Hill Crafts can provide sewing lessons at a venue near to you.

What is the occasion - make dresses for CHRISTENINGS:  COMMUNIONS:  WEDDINGS:  BIRTHDAYS:  BALLS OR PARTIES: do you have a daughter or friend to design a dress for?

WORK ON YOUR OWN PROJECT:  start activities WITH A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER AND LEARN ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW at Fairy Hill Crafts - sewing, needlecrafts of all kinds.

Use fabulous fabrics and make a dress everyone will admire - with Regina's help!

Take a class and learn how to Do It Yourself. Phone Regina - 0868330264.

If possible, bring your own sewing machine. However, I can provide a machine if you do not own one.

Choose from a selection of patterns or buy your own:

Learn how to buy your own fabric or buy from a selection Regina has in stock.

Learn all you need to know to make the dress of your dreams.

  1. Learning how to use your sewing machine:  the various parts.
  2. Tension; winding your bobbin; threading your needle;
  3. Changing the feet - what they are used for?
  4. How to take measurements.
  5. Choose your patterns and fabrics.
  6. Fabrics: the warp and weft. Cutting on the grain and the bias.
  7. Sewing by hand and by machine - sewing seams etc.

Including a Coffee/Tea break.

Create an heirloom for your family.


Price: €80.00

Shipping: €0.00

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