FAIRY HILL CRAFTS CLASSES:  €80 FOR 4 X 2 HOUR for a private class so that you can make good progress!

If you prefer to bring a friend - prices are reduced! PHONE REGINA TO DISCUSS WHAT YOU NEED - 0868330264.  Glann, Charlestown for private lessons or a community centre at your location.

Start anytime - when are you free - morning, afternoon or evening?  Weekdays or Saturday.


Are you a beginner or do you have the basics already? If you are sewing on a button or taking up a hem, learn the basics.  Or you might like to alter a dress or take in a blouse - get the help you need.

Schedule a class to suit you - tell Regina what you need to know!


  • Examine various clothing items and look at the alterations you might like to make.
  • Understand the structure of various items of clothing - see how the item is sown together and how it needs to be taken apart.
  • Insert zips in trousers, dresses and skirts.
  • Learn about different seams and hemlines: how they should be repaired.
  • Hand sewing techniques: learn how to sew by hand / a selection of stitches and seams.
  • Using a sewing machine:




Price: €80.00

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