Glann, Charlestown – the beginning.

Fairy Hill Crafts

I hope these beautiful rainbows and our Fairy Hill brings me ‘good luck’ and happiness in this lovely cottage.

Well, this is it – the ‘first post’. So cheers, ding the glasses and here we go.

Fairy Hill Crafts

These beautiful old stone walls just make it perfect!

I bought this little old cottage exactly four years ago moving in December 2008.  This is the start of a 10 or 20 year plan. This new business is inspired by the Fairy Hill in my garden.

I’d never really thought about fairy hills before but now I want to know all about them, the superstitions, the heritage etc. I have copied some information onto the Fairy Hill page that I think is really interesting.  If anyone has any information that would be helpful, please let me know.

Fairy Hill Crafts

Mayo is more heavily populated with fairie than any other county in Ireland!

Something amazing happened last week that was really eerie.  When I moved into this cottage, I always had a good feeling about it, a positive feeling which was good. I was searching on the internet for craft sites and in the middle of the lists – I spotted a heading for Glenmullynaha / Connor Thomas – a very strange placename that is on my deeds. When I opened up the page, the heading stated ‘Descendants of Thomas and Margaret Connor giving the records of the Connor family dating back to the 1840’s and I realised that this was the family that originally lived in this cottage,  my cottage – an amazing coincidence!

I have always asked neighbours from Glann for information about the origins of the cottage and the family who lived here. I had been given some basic names and dates but now I have everything I need to know:  the cottage was built in 1933. The father who lived here was, I believe, John Connor born 16 Oct 1912. He married Mary Katherine Towey, born on 12 Sep 1922, in the Cathedral in Ballaghaderreen on 10 Dec 1940. They had three children, Patrick Francis (born 9 Feb 1942); Thomas Joseph (born 14 Feb 1944) and Bridget Mary Attracta was born on 3 Dec 1946.  Unfortunately, the young mother Mary became ill and died in 1947 leaving these three young children – can you just imagine how awful that was for the entire family. The information says John’s parents helped raise his three young children in Glann after his wife died and John left to go to England to work.  They all eventually settled in Leicester. I feel really strongly that I must remember that unfortunate young mother who died, how sad – and of course those beautiful young children.  I wonder where they are now?

Fairy Hill Crafts

The cottage got a new roof, plumbing and heading in 2012.

So the cottage was first refurbished by Bill and Angie Spicer from 2000 onwards but after Angie became ill, they decided to return to live in the UK. They sold the cottage to me, Regina Stacey.  So this year, I also did some work to upgrade the cottage, the plumbing, heating etc. and the plan is now to try to work here, setting up a small business doing crafts of all kinds.  Fairy Hill Crafts. Fingers crossed! Our luck has to improve.


The plan now to is get this business on its feet and to develop a lovely garden here beside the cottage – there is nearly five acres to work on so hopefully I can grow trees, fruit and vegetables, chickens maybe lambs, goats, geese, we’ll see!

Wish me well and follow my story? 🙂



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