Cottage update: August 2013

Well, it has been a busy summer at the cottage with lots to do.


I have three beautiful chickens – one cockrel Barney who is a beautiful big speciman of the Hubbert breed – he is only approx  6 months old and is still learning how to crow – its really funny, just like a trumpet gone wrong.  Do chickens make good leaders?


The two chickens are brown and white, very cute – Mabel and Amy.  They lay a lovely brown egg each every day – though Amy is still only new to laying an egg, starting only in the last few weeks.


I wonder what goes through their minds when they first lay an egg?



I am hoping that one of the girls will get ‘broody’ and we will have some chicks. This is all new to me so I have lots to learn.



GOATS:  So next on my list is getting some goats – followed by some lambs and little piglets.  At the moment, I am reading up all I can about raising goats  – I believe they are good escape artists?  I also have to prepare the fields – I have over four acres of overgrown land that badly needs to be cleared / eaten off and it would be lovely if the goats can keep it under control for me.  I would also like to make my own cheese, yogurt and ice cream.  At the moment, I am clearing some old trees and putting up some strong fences to secure the darlings.

Next spring, I hope to get the lambs and pigs.


THE POND:   As we have so much rain in Co. Mayo, I hope to conserve as much as possible to avoid using the mains supply.  I have set up two water barrels that fill to overflowing every time it rains?  So I am thinking I will make a pond – so once again, I have lots of reading and planning to do first.


FRUIT AND VEGETABLES:  I have prepared three raised beds but I have made little progress otherwise.  I hope to start next spring and start early enough in the season to plant a good selection.  It will take a while to get enough fruit trees and bushes planted to make an orchard.  I have to divide off a section of the garden and make sure ‘the goats’ are not able to get near to my fruit and veg!!  A nice herb bed would be good too.

I did succeed in getting some tomatoes planted and, at the moment, I am waiting for all of these tiny tomatoes to ripen so that I can taste and enjoy.

I have to cordon off the Ringfort to keep it safe.  I have a problem with ferns that are taking over the whole area – they are growing to a height of over five feet – so I have to look into that and see how I can keep them under control.


So as you can see, I have lots to do in the garden this summer.  I will keep you posted.


Regina at Fairy Hill Crafts.


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