Decorate your home.



DO you love Interior Design?

  • Learn how to make all your own soft furnishings.
  • Learn how to choose your colour schemes.

Regina has extensive decorating and renovation experience working with soft furnishings and design for many years.

Designs to suit every taste!

Add your personal touch!



DO you need help?  Regina will help take the stress out of your interior design experienc.  Whether it’s for a few rooms or the entire property, get help choosing your colour schemes – your fabrics and fittings!  Measure your windows and choose a style of curtain or blind.  Learn how to be creative without the typical designer price tags. Phone: 0868330264.

Renovating or decorating can be very challenging. Do you have the skills?

Colour schemes make such a difference.

Without spending too much money, you can minimise the risk of making mistakes by enlisting the services of a professional.


It’s clear to more and more people that maximising their space can make it work more effectively.


Organise and rearrange furniture, fittings and lighting to turn your house into a home.  Whatever the scale of the project, use a range of skills to create a brand new look with the minimum of fuss and expense.

Learn how to make your own soft furnishings:  curtains, roman blinds, etc. Get the help you need – if you’re looking for value for money, ask Regina – phone 0868330264.


Preparing a home for SALE or RENT:

Add a feature to your Living Room


In today’s challenging property market, it’s important that your house is the one that prospective buyers will remember for the right reasons.

Many homes are sitting unsold or unrented much longer than anticipated and research shows that properties that have been properly prepared will sell or rent faster and usually for more than similar neglected units.


Add colour and quality fabric.

You have, no doubt, seen Sarah Beeny’s ‘Selling Houses’ or Phil Spencers ‘Secret Agent’ programs on TV – perfect examples on how this process works.

With a little imagination and creativity, it is possible to maximise the value and presentation of your property.

Create a stylish interior utilising most of your existing possessions.

Add stylish soft furnishings or accessories where necessary  – it is possible to achieve a lot by just painting and choosing the correct colour schemes.

Or do you just need help making your own soft furnishings – loose covers, cushions and more?  Ask Regina.



My commitment to my clients is to provide a friendly professional service that remains flexible and adaptable whilst delivering creative design and excellent value.



Understanding the client’s vision, listening to their needs and wants and taking the time to understand what they are trying to achieve within their budget, is the top priority in all my design projects.


Having made an appointment for a consultation, we will take a walk-about your property to identify the area/s that need attention. Regina will offer advice on how to present your property for best effect and discuss the best value options to improve the outcome.

This initial consultation takes approx. 2 – 3 hours.

Fee: €150 which includes travel expenses within Connaught. 

A follow up action plan is then prepared detailing customised and optional services for your consideration.

Warm colour schemes



Are you confident enough to choose your colour schemes?  Do you need help and advice on how to proceed – perhaps you need a few adjustments in furniture presentation or update your window dressings – achieve that Show House look!!

Hourly rates apply.


A family friendly kitchen.


Colourschemes for a bright room.


Are you good at managing a project.  Do you know where to start?

Regina offers a project management service to support you.  Sourcing, supplying and organising delivery of items such as paints, wallpaper, furniture, soft furnishings, light fittings, artwork and accessories:


Use your needlework skills to make your bedrooms special


Why not make your own curtains and quilts?

Transform your home or property.







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