Dressmaking Classes


Work alone with ‘private class’ or get together with a friend and work together. 

Phone REGINA 0868330264 to book a time to suit you.


DO you have some special events coming up,  Christenings, First Holy Communions, Birthday parties, Weddings or any other special event?

Why not make your own dresses?  Get together with a friend or family member and work on your own project – with assistance from Regina!

Book a class at a time to suit you:  morning, afternoon or evenings Monday to Saturday!

€100 for 5 x two hour sessions:  Enjoy a relaxed environment:



CLASSES IN DRESSMAKING:  €80 FOR 4 X 2 hour sessions. Reduced price if you bring a friend! TO BOOK, PHONE 0868330264 to learn how to make your own gown, Christening robe or Bridesmaid dress.



Are you keen to make your own dresses - for yourself, your daughter or a friend. Get together with Regina who will help you to make a Christening robe, a Communion dress - whatever you want!

Start making a skirt, learn how to use a pattern to make a dress and graduate to making your own curtains or soft furnishings - the world is your oyster!

Learn how to choose the correct fabric and pattern - ask Regina at Fairy Hill Crafts 0868330264.


Have you a project:  Ask Regina for help - phone 0868330264. Why not work with a friend or your daughter / mother?  Regina will help you make a dress for your special occasion - for a graduation, a Ball, a Communion Dress or Christening robe.

Check out the class information page for fees, times etc.


Price: €80.00

Shipping: €0.00

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FAIRY HILL CRAFTS CLASSES:  €80 FOR 4 X 2 HOUR for a private class so that you can make good progress!

If you prefer to bring a friend - prices are reduced! PHONE REGINA TO DISCUSS WHAT YOU NEED - 0868330264.  Glann, Charlestown for private lessons or a community centre at your location.

Start anytime - when are you free - morning, afternoon or evening?  Weekdays or Saturday.


Are you a beginner or do you have the basics already? If you are sewing on a button or taking up a hem, learn the basics.  Or you might like to alter a dress or take in a blouse - get the help you need.

Schedule a class to suit you - tell Regina what you need to know!


  • Examine various clothing items and look at the alterations you might like to make.
  • Understand the structure of various items of clothing - see how the item is sown together and how it needs to be taken apart.
  • Insert zips in trousers, dresses and skirts.
  • Learn about different seams and hemlines: how they should be repaired.
  • Hand sewing techniques: learn how to sew by hand / a selection of stitches and seams.
  • Using a sewing machine:




Price: €80.00

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Do you NEED A DRESS OR GOWN - ASK REGINA FOR HELP - phone her on 0868330264.

Fairy Hill Crafts can provide sewing lessons at a venue near to you.

What is the occasion - make dresses for CHRISTENINGS:  COMMUNIONS:  WEDDINGS:  BIRTHDAYS:  BALLS OR PARTIES: do you have a daughter or friend to design a dress for?

WORK ON YOUR OWN PROJECT:  start activities WITH A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER AND LEARN ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW at Fairy Hill Crafts - sewing, needlecrafts of all kinds.

Use fabulous fabrics and make a dress everyone will admire - with Regina's help!

Take a class and learn how to Do It Yourself. Phone Regina - 0868330264.

If possible, bring your own sewing machine. However, I can provide a machine if you do not own one.

Choose from a selection of patterns or buy your own:

Learn how to buy your own fabric or buy from a selection Regina has in stock.

Learn all you need to know to make the dress of your dreams.

  1. Learning how to use your sewing machine:  the various parts.
  2. Tension; winding your bobbin; threading your needle;
  3. Changing the feet - what they are used for?
  4. How to take measurements.
  5. Choose your patterns and fabrics.
  6. Fabrics: the warp and weft. Cutting on the grain and the bias.
  7. Sewing by hand and by machine - sewing seams etc.

Including a Coffee/Tea break.

Create an heirloom for your family.


Price: €80.00

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CHILDRENS CRAFT CLASSES:   all age groups - boys and girls.

Craft classes; sewing classes; activities for children at Fairy Hill Crafts.

EVENINGS OR WEEKENDS:  book a time and day to suit you!

Phone 0868330264. Tell Regina what you would like to arrange.

PRICE:     €80 for 4 x 2 hour private classes. Or bring a friend for a reduced rate. Max 2 per class.

Use of a sewing machine and some fabrics provided.

It is better to learn how to sew on your own sewing machine so that you can get used to it.  If you do not own a machine, I have one that you can use for the day.

  1. Work with your sewing machine: learn how to use it! Threading, filling your bobbin, various stitches.
  2. Learn about fabrics:  different fabrics for different crafts.
  3. What will you work on today: choose from an apron or a fabulous cushion:
  4. Do you want to decorate or embellish your craft item:  use embroidery, appliqué or fancy stitches.
  5. Sewing seams; different seams for different occasions - what do you need to know?
  6. Cutting out: make up your template / pattern - take measurements and cut out.
  7. Step by step - making your craft item.
  8. The finishing touches.

Your apron - with pocket and embroidery!

Don't delay  - book today!!  Maximum 3 per class.


Price: €80.00

Shipping: €0.00

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