A beginners sewing project

Family and friends love getting craft gifts.

NAPKINS FOR YOUR HOME: A PERFECT GIFT FOR A FRIEND. I think there is nothing as easy to make as a napkin – yet nothing adds to the ‘occasion’ or decorates a room like a set of napkins.

CHOOSING YOUR FABRIC: Use a good quality cotton fabric for easy laundering. However, you can also use a nice quality silk fabric and many curtain fabrics too. All are easy to sew, iron and wash and perfect for a beginners project!

You can choose your fabric to suit an occasion – a wedding, for Christmas or to match your tablecloth for example. Also choose a fabric colour to suit your kitchen or a pattern to match your curtains in that room.

Add napkin rings to complete the picture!

Keep a selection of different napkins in your press and use them at different times of the year or for different occasions: Easter, Birthdays,Valentines Day or just to add a splash of colour to your table!

START TO MAKE YOUR NAPKINS: First, decide how many napkins you want to make and what size you would like each one to be.  Buy any width fabric you fancy – sometimes its less expensive if you buy the widest, 150cm (60″).  I would choose an easy-to-launder fabric as you will need to freshen them up regularly with a wash.

Cut out squares of 30-35cm (12″-14″) in size – whatever size suits you.

Allow approx. 2cm (5/8″) for a hem along each side. Start by turning in a fold approx 1cm (1/4″) deep and iron flat.  I would recommend that you always iron your fabric as you sew – it makes things so much easier. Then turn this fold over again, making a double hem as you will see in the photo – iron again- and now you are ready to sew your first seam.  You can use machine or hand stitching, as neat and tidy along the edge of the seam, as you can manage. Check the first photo above for neat stitching and embroidery – the back of the napkin seam is finished as neatly as possible.

Now work on the opposite side to where you have made your first hem and repeat the folding process – and sew.  In a week or two, I will give you information on how to mitre a corner – a method of turning in corners for a neater finish. For the moment, we will keep our corners square and as neat as possible!

Continue on and turn in a double hem on each side of your napkin using hand or machine sewing.




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